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"Love is Alive" / "One Night at McCool's"
Joan Osborne Music Video
Jason Painter
Harald Zwart

This was a very cool and fun job to work on. I composited practical elements together and used ULTIMATTE to pull some greenscreens of Joan Osborne for the music video "Love is Alive". The video is for the movie "One Night at McCool's" starring Michael Douglas, Matt Dillon, Liv Tyler, Paul Reiser, John Goodman and other mega famous stars. My client was the director of the music video who also directed the film... Harald Zwart. He was very hip and open to do whatever we could come up with creatively in a short amount of time. He picked out the plasma effect from my 2D filter collection and I used it as the backdrop for a few shots. He also shot the confetti practically and I keyed it and composited it in. The trick to get good clean confetti was to use the practical confetti image as a matte and actually invert the color of the backplate through the matte. This produced dark colored confetti where it was over her skin and lighter colored confetti where it overlapped the darker background.